I Hate Celebrating My Birthday!

Every year, when the date of your birthday is approaching, you feel uncomfortable and are not happy at all. Why?

Birthdays have always traditionally been synonymous with celebration, the one day in the year where we are the center of attention. For some people, this moment is experienced with joy, while for others, it is a source of much more contrasting or even negative feelings, even to the point of a birthday being a real ordeal. Stress, anxiety, apprehension, the depression of getting older ... birthdays can quickly become a nightmare! So much so, that some would prefer, as the fateful date approaches, that it could be completely erased from the calendar.

This is what some psychologists call the "birthday blues" and others see it as a narcissistic wound.
Claire Rogers, Coach for Womensdestiny, emphasizes that it is interesting to take into consideration that very often, this birthday rite leads to self-confidence and self-esteem. This can bring to the fore devastating consequences such as loving or disliking one's own image. For example, advancing age is, in some cases, a narcissistic wound.
The birthday party is usually associated with cake, candles, family, friends and gifts ...
In short, for most of us, the birthday is a time of celebration. At least it's not a day like any other. This date marks our coming into the world and follows us throughout our lives.

The different reasons for birthday syndrome:
The reasons are multiple and correspond, for example, to advancing age, which causes concern. This is one of the first narcissistic wounds.
Birthdays also mark the time for taking stock of of our lives, reflecting and reminiscing on one’s life and also, looking at our expectations for the future. However, this type of thinking sometimes risks placing the individual in a rather dark perspective, where the envisioning of oneself in the future is then experienced in an unpleasant way.
Finally, there are quite simply people who suffer from capitellophobia which is the fear of gifts, more precisely, that of receiving gifts.
And a whole bunch of other things could make you hate your birthday .... But like it or not,  it's written in your life story!

What if you stop torturing yourself?
Renarcissize yourself!!
Once you find the cause of your negative emotions and come up with the right plan to deal with them, you are sure to dispel your stress or depression and change the way you look at your birthday!
Rest assured that not only are birthday blues common, but this depression can be easily overcome with the right help.
Coaching with personal support in order to renarcissize the event, remains an invitation for you to regain self-confidence.
Taking into account that narcissism and self-esteem are diametrically opposed ingredients, we recommend that you be accompanied by competent people.
From NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to EMDR techniques, tackling lack of self-confidence, or low self-esteem, can help you come to terms with your birthday in just a few sessions.