When Flirting Becomes Stressful ...

Calling a man you like a flirt and a seducer, wouldn't that be an amalgam?

Perhaps, given the subject, it would be advisable to define precisely what flirting actually is first?
This is, in our opinion, a pretty blunt manner, without any real delicacy, of letting someone know that you are very interested in them. Anything is good to attract the attention of the one who is desired (woman or man), because we are not talking about feelings here, but rather simple physical attraction in which there are no emotions involved.

Unfortunately, no good character of seduction is found in the act of flirting, when the one who uses this mode of influence completely annihilates his chances of success, even if, sometimes, a certain fairer sex (which I will not qualify ...) does not pay too much attention to the subject! It takes everything to make a world !

The word that best defines this way of behaving is "unbearable."
The flirting is above all sexual, and quickly becomes too heavy for the person who receives it, because the flirter is not afraid of anything, neither of being ridiculous, nor of the untimely force of his flirting, nor of the basic means used and even less about the image that he gives out.
His lack of intelligence and of finesse are factors that create nervous tension for the person he desires, who is quickly tired of undergoing this kind of moral harassment, that quickly becomes unmanageable.

Here are some principles (if we can use those words) applied in trying to attract the future victim.

• "Body to body verbal" to try to convince
• Outrageous vocabulary
• Sometimes tactile or unacceptable gestures
• Attempt to go through basic humor that does not exist
• Go for it to try to force the receptivity of the other person, who is unreceptive
• Use of means linked to social networks in the form of messages in full view of everyone
• SMS, phone calls or use of Skype
• Odious boldness, because it is not controlled
• No control of the situation

The person subject to all these "attacks" develops a feeling of nervousness, tiredness, sometimes, of embarassment, because discretion is not the first quality of the flirter.
His refusal to accept failure often breeds aggression towards those who dare to resist him.
His lack of unawareness about how ridiculous he is can be distressing

Fight it
The best solution is to get away from this kind of character as quickly as possible, cut off all conversation, and prevent all means of communication in one way or another.

The final word
However, ladies, you must not call the man who puts you off a flirt and to call the one you like a seducer!

Mixing things up is easy, right?