The Art of Loving

Is it a mistake to look for love?

We all live with the romantic notion that love will fall upon us without warning. Natalie, Love Coach for the site Love-Mystery, explains to us that we are both impatient and eager consumers, and we can miss out on the very art of loving, because we seek love like a commodity. Unfortunately, the internet hasn't fixed anything. In the age of dating sites and online love, we remain dependent, consciously or not, on the sensuality of Shakespeare, or on poems singing the tragic love of Tristan and Iseult.

Internet or not, reassure us that love still exists!...
Love is only possible if two people communicate with each other from the center of their common interest, far from any amorous allegory.
As Erich Fromm explained, whether there is harmony or conflict, joy or sadness, is secondary to the fundamental fact that two people come together from the depths of their existence, that they are one with each other by becoming one with themselves, without fleeing their own reality. There is only one proof of the presence of love: the depth of the relationship, the rivalry and the strength of each person.
It is not necessary to be a humanist to evoke and speak of love, as to explain it, it is something else entirely.

Is love an art?
Poetry, novels, the cinema, all have defined a paradigm around love. Love requires knowledge and effort. I like to think that love is an art, we are the children of Shakespeare, Bronte, Jane Austen, or Proust, those psychologists of passion. I would say that love is a pleasant feeling that settles in our lives rather insidiously, like a fruit called luck. Love is an art, we are all poets with unique attitudes, with ever more creative talents, love is an art that illuminates us, pushes us to do everything for the one we love.

Is it easy to love?
Yes and no, because for most individuals, the essential problem of love is to be loved rather than to love, or to be capable of love. Yet love is that feeling that reminds you of how human you are. To love is to cross space and time on the condition of respecting and preserving oneself. Therefore, the problem is how to be loved and in search of this goal, sometimes unconsciously, many people get lost in different ways.

What are the keys to falling in love
When two people who meet are strangers, as we all are, and suddenly let down the wall that separated them and feel close to the point of being one, this moment of uniqueness is one of the most invigorating experiences. and the most moving parts of life. For some people, opening the door of their heart without restraint and without doubt, is an antagonism that I can only describe as being delicate. The conflict that opposes love are fears, doubt, uncertainty. There is only one key, which is that of accepting to love yourself, and this is not necessarily self-evident. The lack of self-love, the kind of love of caring and respect, has direct consequences on our romantic relationships. We are not going to wallow in misanthropy, however, I persist in saying that this remains very important. It no longer needs to be proved that loving oneself is a prerequisite for loving others.

You will have understood then, that love is indeed an art, according to Natalie, Love Coach. And who knows, a beautiful meeting may be waiting for you.
Are you ready to make every effort today for a better romantic future? Then, make the right choice now for you and your future.
Natalie Love Coach
Mystery of love

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