Our Well-Being Tips For The Summer

For a summer in great shape!

The summer we have waited for, for such a long time, is finally here! Summer is synonymous with leisure, warmth, holidays, sun and relaxation. Here is our advice on how to make the most of your summer physically, mentally and even spiritually.
And it's back! Every year it's the same thing. As soon as summer shows up, we are all watching our figures and yet, by the start of the new school year and with autumn setting in, everything is quickly forgotten... but this year we promise we will stay the course!

Tip 1
Let’s get our fill of vitamin D!  In this period of high heat, do not forget to hydrate yourself. Drink regularly, and up to 2 litres of water per day. Exposing yourself to the sun in the summer, at a reasonable dose, allows you to store enough of this vitamin and to fill yourself up until the end of autumn. We all know the benefits of the sun and of light (see our article). However, you will have to learn to know your own tolerance level and respect it.

Tip 2
Summer gives you the opportunity to practice new sports, such as aquagym, swimming, water sports and others. Backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly stroke, swimming is an ideal sport to strengthen your body, to drain and tone it. For a relaxing well-being holiday and for an inner journey in search of serenity, Tai-Chi, Pilates or yoga are all dynamic activities that you can have the pleasure of practicing outdoors. Breathe, sweat, take care of your health. Now all you have to do is choose your favorite activity.

Tip 3
Whether you are going to the beach for a playa date, or you are in Dora the Explorer mode hiking and backpacking, keep in mind that this is only a geographical detail. The key to well-being on vacation is taking time for yourself. Slow down, take breaks, and take advantage of this time to do things just for yourself. And remember girls, just staying in town doesn't mean giving up on yourself. It's time to look the bright side of life!

Tip 4
Take care of yourself by taking control of your diet, summer can be synonymous with balanced meals. We can throw ourselves into Poke bowls, the new healthy food trend. Very rich in raw vegetables, which in turn, are rich in water and very pleasant, they compensate for water losses from our bodies. However, abusing the consumption of raw vegetables to refine your silhouette is a bad idea, because even if we are all different, humans are not intended to exclusively eat raw vegetables and the risks for health are increased. So there is no question of neglecting our protein intake, since of course you will follow our tip N°2, as it is necessary to maintain the muscle mass of your body.

We wish you a beautiful summer, full of sun and well-being.