Reconcile Yourself With Your Body

And the pleasure in all that?

Womensdestiny offers you its "slimming vision".
Here we will use the word "diet" only once. Why?
Because in our minds, it's a word that breeds frustration and deprivation, according to Claire Rogers Coach for Womensdestiny. And with the plethora of all the available methods to lose weight, if the miracle method existed, it would already be known. And that's not to mention the deficiencies that some cause, even with dangerous imbalances for health at times.

The role of the brain!
Let’s not forget that it is the most fragile organ in our perfectly made body. When we eat, its function is to send information to our digestive system. Without changing anything in our diet, if we already made the effort to chew our food well, it would make a difference. Well-practiced chewing and allowing the taste buds, which capture information about food, so that the brain detects its needs, in order to then send the order to the digestive system to metabolize the bolus, thus keeping what the body needs.
The process of "hunger" is cerebral. If we listened to it carefully, our diet would be balanced without any real effort on our part. Many of us confuse the feeling of hunger with the "hole in the stomach" and that feeling of being hungry. This sensation is neither more nor less a detoxification of the body. Some people can have hypoglycaemia.
Of course, if you eat during this time, the body stops the process, always favoring ingestion over digestion. This is our digestive system. A whole mechanism of beliefs exists around hunger. The most common of which in the collective unconscious is the "fear of starving." It comes from ancestral memories passed down from generation to generation.

Let’s eat!
It is important to know that a healthy diet works like a medication. Let's keep this in mind! To keep it simple, the current news strongly suggests eating five fruits and vegetables a day, preferably raw, and this is a great place to start. Knowing that each individual is different in their morphological makeup. A nutrition professional could explore these differences further with an overall view of health.

Varying the fresh fruits and vegetables allows a diversified supply of vitamins and minerals, which are quickly assimilated by our body. You may also like to consider eating seasonal fruit and veg to maximise yor intake of all the best nutrients. As for proteins, meat, dried fruits and fish remain the best known contributions.

Vegan diet: is it the right way to lose weight?
Removing meat and dairy products from your plate to switch to a vegan diet, could this be a good or bad idea?

Being a vegetarian or vegan may not be for everyone. Of course, this is not about putting pressure on ourselves, but rather doing things the way we feel. If you feel reluctance, start to integrate this way of eating little by little.

And the pleasure in all of this? Yes, indeed, what do we do with this notion? We just need to take this into account, starting with the pleasure of our eyes. A beautiful lively plate of varied colors with a composition of seasonal vegetables with or without protein, already enchants your brain and your taste buds, the body is ready to receive its fill. And for dessert? Ah, yes. Well, there are soya yogurts, cooked fruit, compote without adding sugar… etc..
Trust your body!

The advice from Womensdestiny
A good chocolate cake! Yes, as long as you eat it mindfully and especially not feeling guilty. Either way, however you eat, your body will make you aware if you are overweight or deprived.