Have a Break on Bad Eating Habits

Some useful tips, to help you put an end to your bad eating habits

Many of us neglect the contents of our meals. Daily stress and anxiety are enemies of our body because they upset our food hygiene. How can we resist the cravings for snacks and to enjoy gourmet pleasures, just by eating naturally?
It's hard to distinguish nighttime cravings from real hunger when you're in an inordinate mental state. But thanks to some alternative medicines, we can regulate the functioning of our neurotransmitters just by eating naturally. Here's how to stop bad eating habits just by managing your moods !

Are you very anxious ? 
Refill on serotonin while sleeping. The quality of your sleep controls your aggressiveness and reduces your anxiety.
The serotonin peak is at the end of the afternoon, so think about consuming small snacks of dried fruits (nuts, almonds, cashews ...).

Are you extremely emotional? 
You are hypersensitive. Faced with moments of sadness, you dive into the fridge to calm your mood. So, take a bet on endorphins. Endurance sports are the most conducive to allowing you to secrete endorphins.
Good news for your mealtimes! Within the limits of good food hygiene, you can eat a few small treats from time to time (cakes, ice cream ...) but without too much excess.

Are you tense?
Play it cool! Relax your muscles and monitor your blood sugar levels. Increase your intake of vitamin B6 (tuna, chicken, banana ...) and magnesium, (dark chocolate, almonds, soya ...).
When these are combined with glutamine, they play a major role in calming your central nervous system. Let's not forget that too much intense physical activity will push you to be hyperactive.
Therefore, it is better to favor lighter activities (Yoga, walking ...)

Are you low on morale? 
Do you lack motivation? And do you have trouble concentrating? In short, maybe you are depressed! Think about dopamine, it's a good motivator to focus. Dopamine will make you stick to a healthy diet even if at some point you fall for a craving.
Promote protein in the morning (cheese, ham, eggs ...) and expose yourself to the sun in the morning. Why not take a short walk?

Now that you have defined your profile and the reasons for your bad eating habits. It's up to you to take matters into your own hands. And above all, don’t forget to get some coaching, the results will be more visible, so you do not risk having any consequences on your body.