8 Tips For A Zen Return From The School Holidays 

Here are our tips for a successful back-to-school season... No Stresssss

Our coach has agreed to give us some advice for a successful return back to school after the holidays.
It is with optimism, confidence and loving wishes that we invite you to follow this energetic program.

Tip #1: See this as an opportunity for renewal
It is essential to reconsider the return back to school after the holidays as an opportunity for renewal.
According to our coach Claire Rogers, it is high time to de-stigmatize the start of the school year.
I find it amazing how much the media focuses on the anxieties of back-to-school fears.
For my part in coaching, I prefer to restore a state of consciousness and possible improvement with a positive attitude when dealing with each practical exercise encountered during this start of the school year.
If we take it for granted that we refueled during the holidays, then we have the first positive point.

Tip #2: set an easy and achievable goal
When I talk about easily achievable goals, well, I'm just talking about easy goals based on your schedule.
These goals must be completely personal and focus on your well-being. For example, meditation, yoga and Pilates have proven their worth.
In consultation, I saw a marked improvement in the sensitivity and for the fatigue of all of the women who had a personal activity.
I therefore invite you to make this ritual at least once a week. This is an easily achievable and realistic goal.

Tip #3: Make an appointment with yourself
And yes Ladies, can I say that faced with the daily grind, we once again tend to forget about ourselves.
I advise you from now on,  to take some daily action! It would be wonderful if you could find 30 minutes a day for yourself.
But, you will ask me, what am I going to do for those 30 minutes? 
Well, we are going to have some reflections about our day, a mindful observation.
To get used to it, I invite you to get a small private notebook, in which there is a column for negative findings which will prevent you from progressing and another much more positive column in which you will write a gratitude list about your day.

Tip #4: Find a valid reason for giving yourself a reward
In order to maintain the perfect Motivation, you will need to learn to reward yourself in a practical way.
Yes, once again we are thinking about everyone else, but this time it's about giving yourself a little something too.
Skin cream, a book, it could also simply be a dinner with a friend.
So here is another very effective way to think of yourself.
Perhaps the greatest practical exercise of this trick is to lift the veil on any guilt you may have.
Once again, it is mindful to yourself in this practical exercise, which I call enlightened and gentle selfishness

Tip #5: Don't spend all your energy on the return to school!
Many women manage to wear themeselves out quickly, because they have decided to give their all when it comes to the time to start school again.
It is a sad observation that we always tend to make at the end of the year, of course it is too late, fatigue and exhaustion have already set in.
What if we learned in this tip how to do one thing at a time.
Of course, this is not about procrastination, it's just a point of view.
It is perfectly okay not to be able to multitask everything in one day.

Tip #6: Find your passions
Finding your passions is one tof he best motivations. This time I am going to ask you to reconnect with your values, there is surely one thing in which you find true pleasure. It could be cooking, gardening, photography, or walking. Make room in your life for your passions as well.

Tip #7: adopt positive thinking all year round
It has been scientifically proven that adopting positive thoughts can improve your daily life.
It is not always easy to think differently.
Could positive thoughts make us look at life on the bright side?
Well yes! Positive thinking is not just an abstract method that promises happiness at all times.
It’s a real way of life.

They didn't know it was impossible so they did it
Mark Twain

Tip #8: Learn to live in the present moment
Is the present moment the only reality within our grasp?
Our thoughts are often overwhelmed with regret about past events or a multitude of fears and anguish about future expectations. Living in the present moment can be rewarding and set you on a real path of inner peace,
•    May I suggest that you delve deeper into the subject with this book : Eckart Tolle's "The Power of the Present Moment".
•    You can however also try the practice of Tai Chi, which is also a good way to simply be in the present moment.
•    Meditation is a great way to practice living in the present moment. I am well aware that it takes time to learn to meditate and practice.
It could be interesting if you could find a meditation class in your area.