Men And Women... When Opposites Attract

"Birds of a feather flock together" or "Opposites attract"?

It seems that opposites attract ... Yet it has too often been theorized that men and women are diametrically opposed beings.
The theory goes on to say that there are totally different things that motivate these two sexes, and that they are looking for different things. This is the reason why men and women act and behave in radically different ways, but remain complementary.

Now, while the truth is that nature itself has ordered us to be different, which means that our behaviors are characteristic of the kind we belong to, it is also a sordid fact that it can create a lot of problems.

Could we just talk about being complementary?
There are several instances where men and women do not understand each other, resulting in disagreements and arguments between the two, and which can even lead to drastic measures like break-up and divorce.

There are some pretty heavy and deplorable numbers about relationships that didn't work out, although it is true that if only a little more effort and understanding had been put in, these relationships could have worked out just fine.

This is what we have to understand and accept. Instead of creating the world with a war zone full of enmity between the sexes, it is important to understand the diametrical differences between the two sexes and to live in harmony. We are designed to be different. It is time to accept it and live in harmony.

In this roller coaster world of love and relationships, it's reassuring to know that fairytale love can and does exist. Realistic and passionate understanding, where the outcome is to provide an understanding of a love that is deep, sincere and realistic, allows a partner to make a mistake. It allows there to be inevitably differences of opinion. Nothing less than the respect for the other person, is visible in long-lasting couples.

It is the potential of a relationship based on mutual understanding and respect. In this type of relationship, a couple can appreciate and express the strengths and abilities that their partner can offer them within the relationship. Negativity is replaced with understanding and even the little things that are done by the partner that may be considered awkward are accepted as an expression of that love.