I'm In Love With A Married Man, What Should I Do?

Love story or impossible triangle?

Are you in love with a married man? Do you feel as if he is the love of your life and you feel like you're stuck?

“The promises of a day, of an evening ... I hear them like a psalm,” whispered Mylène Farmer in Sting's ear in their duet, which signs the opus “Stolen Car”. Mylène is playing the lover's game, one of patience and impatience, that pretty much rings true. Imprisoned by her flaws, she delicately emphasizes the frustrations and hopes of this relationship. The single does not create any taboos, on the contrary, it emphasizes romanticism, where adultery is almost a dream.
Loving a person who is not free, sometimes leaves a feeling of emptiness between wanting more, or accepting that in this situation, there is a gap. We are going to give you some tips that should definitely help you deal with this situation. Let's look at this together!

Don't forget youself and think of yourself too
Many women can fall in love with a married man. However, you need to think about yourself first. After all, just because you have feelings for this man, doesn't mean that you have to put him first. Does he want to see you? Don't bend over backwards by jostling your schedule around to give in to his demands. He must also adapt to your constraints, even if that doesn’t appeal to him. He still has to make an effort if he wants to see you, it is a golden rule that should not be deviated from.

Be selfish and try to keep him to yourself!
Of course, when you fall in love with a married man, you have to know that he may or may not leave his wife. Many men don't, but you have the right to be selfish and not think about his partner. Does he offer you an all-expenses-paid vacation to the French Riviera? Why refuse? After all, he's the one who is in a relationship and not you, so why consider a woman you don't know? In this kind of situation, being selfish can really do you good. Quite simply, you are with the man you love, which should already be enough for you.

Make him discover your little world
If you really want to be selfish; you can always make him discover you more. Why? Simply because it will be easier for him to fall in love with you if he discovers something about you that he adores. Thus, bringing him into your world will allow you to have a more serious relationship, which is a positive point. He won't be able to say he doesn't know you, for example.

A destructive relationship that only works with hope: why not forget it?
However, you still need to realize that this kind of relationship works primarily with hope. It is often said that "hope brings life", but if the man you meet refuses to leave his wife, you could really feel sick to your stomach. In fact, this kind of relationship can be really destructive, which is not ideal. But don't worry, if you see that the man in question won't do anything to help your situation, try to go it on your own. It’s one way to protect yourself!

Falling in love with a married man can really be complicated. Nevertheless, we hope that the few tips we have given you above, have been useful to you. If your relationship has just ended, try switching to a different kind of man! And if this isn't the first time you have been out with a married man, then this article is for you.