Get Your Ex Back in 5 Steps

Run away from me, I will run after you. Run after me, I’ll run away from you!

You don't know how to go about getting your Ex back, with whom you shared so many good times and who is still in all your thoughts.
The right method is first, to regulate your behaviour."Run away from me,  I will run after you, Run after me, I’ll run away from you." This kind of scenario is very common in romantic relationships. Playing hard to get can often give amazing results!

First, let's be clear from the start: yes, the rule of "."Run away from me,  I will run after you, run after me I’ll run away from you,” actually describes a very real dynamic in a romantic relationship, such as the seduction that you will discover in the steps below.
We are not going to lie to each other, this method will help you decode part of the human psyche and we will not be going into the unconscious abyssal aspects of your relationship. Instead, we will try to highlight and decipher the classic archetypes that make 75% of couples get back together.

Here's how to get your ex back in 5 big steps
1st step: clearly know what you want!
The main objective is to prove to your Ex that there is a possibility of reviving your relationship.
There is no way to win your ex back without some kind of personal reconstruction and significant work on yourself, which requires some rigorous honesty!
First, you will need to draw up a personal inventory in order to highlight your qualities, as well as your faults.
Take advantage of this phase of silence to take a step back from the situation.
Very often, at the very moment of breakup in a relationship, a race of thoughts comes along, sowing disorder and resentment, and that doesn’t help matters. It therefore becomes difficult to clarify the present situation.
The fear of loneliness often unconsciously plays a role on future decisions.
We advise you to get some outside help for this first step, for example, relationship coaching can prove to be a very effective method.

2nd step: To get him (or her) back
Do not harass your Ex and do not try to see him (or her) at any cost.
If there was a breakup, it means that the harmony was broken between you two, and that something caused this breakup. If at all costs, you want to try to contact your Ex, to beg him (or her) to come back, it will in fact have the opposite effect. So, you have to leave your Ex alone.
If you meet him/her afterwards, do not hesitate to talk to him/her as if he/she were a simple contact (the why, the work of the first stage is important). You must not show any feelings of resentment or passion… You must remain impassive. Do not try to understand what happened by asking him/her questions.
If you need help, do not look to your Ex but instead, turn to other people around you. You have to let your Ex believe that you are making new acquaintances.

3rd step: to reconnect
If you happen to see your Ex again by chance, or because life has facilitated this chance, you must not change your behavior. Always have a detached air about you, even if you allow yourself to talk to him or her again. Don't tell him/her anything about your current life, unless your Ex questions you. You can even allow yourself to seduce someone in front of their eyes (but keep in mind that this becomes emotional manipulation).
This will make him (or her) think and consider the fact that you have forgotten him/her. He (or she) will not run away, but it will create a feeling of perceptible jealousy in his/her attitude.
You must show that you know how to be perfectly independent and balanced.

4th step: your mind and your actions must be as one
Acting like everything is fine without your Ex is very tiring. You have to think about everything you say and everything you do, so as not to betray your true feelings.
The best thing possible for you, is for your mind to be in sync with your behaviour of detachment. You must absolutely think that it is definitely over with your Ex, even if that is very hard.
You have to go ahead and meet people, go out, think about something else, even if deep inside you the feelings are still there.
By releasing your mind from all these constraints, you will be more serene and you will no longer be waiting in vain for something to happen.
Your Ex will really realize that he (or she) is losing you, even if your attitude remains the same as when you were just playing your role of detachment.

Step 5: Surprise the other person with your peace of mind!
You will have nothing to lose and everything to gain in this context and by doing this work on yourself. You will find inner peace. Also, during your future contacts with your Ex, you will have control over your feelings, you will show the image of someone who is balanced and confident.

Your behavior will cause your Ex to rediscover and understand you. To your amazement, you will see your Ex coming back towards you.

"Run after me, I'll run away from you", "Run away from me I’ll run after you": This is marvellously displayed in “ The Real Thing” a wonderful diptych on love, from Japanese director Kôji Fukada, which may be able to help you. This film is a real gem, in addition to these steps of course. If you decide to go further in the process: Go to the website and you will get a solution very quickly, and what’s more, it’s free!