What To Do During The Summer Holidays

10 ideas for activities, to make the most of the season

There are many exciting activities to do during the summer season.

Here are some suggestions:
Go to the beach: Take advantage of the heat by spending a day at the beach. Swim, surf, sunbathe or just relax, listening to the waves.
Go hiking: Summer is the perfect time to explore nature hiking trails. Enjoy the beauty of the landscapes and discover new hikes to observe the local fauna and flora. There are many benefits to walking and having some beautiful scenery while you do it is an extra bonus!

Host a Picnic: Gather your friends or family for a delicious picnic in a park or recreational area. Prepare delicious food and cold drinks in advance and enjoy the outdoors.

Visit outdoor festivals and markets: Summer is full of festivals, outdoor concerts and local markets. Take advantage of these events to discover new cultures, attend shows and get out and about…. But above all, dancing is good for your health!

The top must-see festivals of summer 2023

  • 1 Reading Festival, Reading, UK 2023. 
  • 2 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2023, California, USA
  • 3 Burning Man 2023, Nevada, USA 2023.
  • 4 Rock en Seine 2023, Paris, France.
  • 5 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2023, Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • 6 Festival of Flowers 2023, Medellin Columbia.
  • 7 Notting Hill Carnaval 2023, London, UK
  • 8. Lake of Stars Festival 2023, Lake Malawi, Malawi.

Cycling or rollerblading: Take advantage of the good weather to go cycling or rollerblading. Explore your neighborhood or go on an adventure on specially designed bike paths where permitted.

Go camping: Take advantage of the warm weather by spending one or more nights under the stars. Set up a tent, make a campfire, cook meals outdoors and enjoy the serenity of nature.

Organize a barbecue: Gather your loved ones around an outdoor barbecue. The opportunity to cook grilled vegetables differently and enjoy a delicious meal outdoors.

Enjoy water parks: If you like adrenaline and fun in the water, visit a water park. Many parks offer slides, wave pools and other attractions for all generations.

Organize outdoor sports activities: Gather your friends to play volleyball, football or other outdoor sports, not to mention less energetic activities such as croquet, chess or bowling. Organize friendly tournaments and enjoy the fresh air with a challenge!

Read and relax: Take advantage of the summer season to relax by reading a good book under a shady tree or in a hammock. It's a great way to relax and get away from it all. Of course having the nap is another one of them! For relaxation, enjoy a peaceful outside meditation. Or try  some yoga for a complete mind body spirit experience.

These activities can be adapted according to your own tastes, region and preferences.

The main thing is to enjoy the good weather and create unforgettable memories during the summer season.