Summer: Is It The Perfect Time To Meet People?

"Sea, Sex and Sun"... Summer is the perfect time to flirt!

The idea of ​​filling out your address book during the summer rather than at any other time of year may sound appealing, but can that happen ?
The summer season brings with it a whole series of meetings that are much easier for many reasons:
We women have a more ...shall we say, light, even downright sexy wardrobe and, of course, the male sex tends to look at us with a rather attentive eye (yes, yes!), A first contact, in their own special way!
Good weather and the sun are part of the background and they promote a general good mood, smiles, looks, glances, but more. Communication with others is easier in such a context, it is well known!

There are many great places to meet the possible ideal man (at least women think so), here are some carefully chosen examples:

• the overcrowded café terraces “a gigantic market with countless offers! "

• the park with its welcoming benches “is this place occupied? " 

• the "incredible, this designer is great" exhibitions, "I was going to say it, we have the same tastes"

• chic underwear shops, women imagine, more and more, that their other half or quarter of a half (!) will choose some elegant lingerie for them, to be a bit naughty. It must be said, some men do it with delight, because they see it as a double attraction, the pleasure of buying lovely things (and overpriced obviously, as one does not go without the other) as well as the possibility to engage in conversation or more (who knows!) with those who have a very sure taste in this area, so rich in secrets of all kinds.

In short, we say all this to confirm that yes, we think that summer is a period which generates a form of complicity, allowing people to approach one other without too much difficulty and without being given different labels that good education forbids us to mention here. . (No, no, don't push it, we won't say anything!)
That said, who are these women who await the hot season with a certain feverishness?
Young people dream of Prince Charming as soon as the first pimple comes to look at them.
The beautiful easily conquer any male that comes along (yes - sigh -).
The ugly, uh, no, let's say rather, the least spoiled by nature, they also have a right to happiness, even if it is sometimes slow to come.
The older ones still want to dream at all costs and they are quite right.

The moral of this story
It's simple, long live summer & keep your eyes open!