How Can You Escape The Taboo Of The Menopause?

Gillian Anderson wants to encourage women to break taboos about the menopause and its side effects

It’s hard to believe that this can still be a taboo subject! And yet, women and the menopause is a topic that is not regularly covered by the media these days.

You might have heard of this book: "We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere", co-written with journalist Jennifer Nadel, in which Gillian Anderson talks about the effects on her body of her premature menopause, without any taboos.

WE: Imperfect, free and happy, all together!

Inspiring and helping all women, guiding them on an inner journey leading to well-being and self-esteem, this is the goal of WE. A true antidote to the "me first" culture, this beautiful guide is based on nine major principles inspired by ancestral wisdoms, which help women face the difficulties that may arise in our contemporary societies. Review by RS FNAC

Gillian Anderson wants to encourage women to break the taboo about the menopause and its side effects.“It was 8am and I remember throwing my coat on the floor in front of my two children shouting 'This day is a rotten day!' The day hadn't even started, and I felt unable to handle anything. […] Throughout the day, I regularly had to leave meetings and apologize to go cry in the bathroom,” she says.

Just like Gillian Anderson, who was then in her thirties and already showing pre-menopausal symptoms, know that the frequency of early menopause remains low, because it represents on average 1% of Caucasian women and affects 0.1% of women who are less than 30 years old. (According to INSERM)

The menopause is said to be early if it appears before the age of 45. In some women (1.9%), the cessation of ovulation can occur before the age of 40.

More women than you might think wake up one morning in a very gloomy mood. While most of them see the menopause as a fateful end that marks the beginning of the decline of femininity, others see it as an opportunity to question themselves in a constructive way: a kind of trigger that should be understood with subtlety, to make it a positive experience.

The levels of estrogen and other female hormones drop considerably, a long period of perimenopause, a longer or shorter period that manifests itself before menopause, revealing various symptoms such as: low libido, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, insomnia, night sweats, weight gain, all these symptoms are obvious signs of perimenopause, and can begin up to ten years before menopause.

But it is especially aging that is difficult to accept in a society where appearance takes precedence over being. “Especially in a society where youth reigns supreme, thinking about this period, inevitably refers to aging.

How do you escape depression when you're on the lookout for menopausal symptoms?
The easiest would be to use hormones (only 8 to 10% take hormonal treatment), but you can also turn to other alternatives, many natural substances are available to women to relieve the symptoms of premenopause and menopause to prevent the disorders associated with it.