Taylor Swift Unmasked!

The new generation of the 21st century women's movement who dares to speak out…

Taylor Swift has just picked up another bevy of awards at the MTV European Music awards. But Ms Swift is more than just a pretty face...
Taylor Alison Swift, singer-songwriter and American actress was born in Pennsylvania on December 13, 1989. Heralding her talent as an author, the young girl won a national writing competition at the age of 4, the harbinger of a promising career.

"Me too" and Taylor unmasked!
“Me too”?
Remember that this movement was originally created in 2006 by Tarana Burke, a social worker from Harlem (New York), who launched a campaign to support victims of sexual assault in disadvantaged neighborhoods. This Movement spread through Twitter in 2017 with the Weinstein affair and especially with the call for witnesses of the actress Alyssa Milano.

And Taylor in all this?
Brave Taylor Swift? We can say this because she is part of the new generation of the 21st century women's movement who dares to speak out.
On June 2, 2013, before the rise and international explosion of "Me too", Taylor Swift found herself face to face with David Mueller, a DJ, who, during a photo shoot that took place before a concert in the city of Denver, lifted her skirt and grabbed her buttocks.
On August 14, 2018, in the middle of a concert, she stopped to come back to the sexual assault trial that had opposed her the previous year on the same day. There was a strong moment of intimacy, which was very personal, that she decided to share with her fans and to support the "Me Too" cause. She won the lawsuit with a symbolic euro that she asked for as compensation.

Eco-Tay Tay?
The actress also lends her soft voice to  the animated film and ecological fable "The LORAX" (2012), where she gives voice to Audrey, the redheaded girlfriend of Ted, the hero.
And since August 23 2020, fans of the singer or of the Stella McCartney label can purchase a series of men's and women's clothing. A capsule collection, inspired by Taylor’s new album, this collection advocates love on pastel-colored backgrounds and with romantic prints. Some even have lyrics from her titles. Well, yes, we mustn’t forget the marketing issues, while still using materials that respect the environment, in the spirit of the collections of Stella McCartney, known for her commitment to nature and animal causes.
Well, we are still far off from the strong commitment of our dear Marion Cotillard on this subject, that said, let's perhaps give her time to evolve on the subject.

Humanitarian support?
Well yes in a way, because if we cannot yet triumphantly congratulate Taylor on her ecological commitments, we can still congratulate her, because the American singer has paid several thousand dollars to fans who are experiencing financial difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic.
She has in fact offered 3,000 dollars to several people who have notably lost their jobs during the period of the pandemic.

The lockdown that drops a new mask for more authenticity?
Lockdown and creativity... A subtle return with a soft voice, for this young artist who started her career playing country with a pop twist, to finally lead us to a new sphere where Taylor Swift makes us switch into folklore. Entirely produced in the greatest secrecy during lockdown and released on Friday August 24, 2020 at midnight, her surprise album sold like hot cakes.
She also gave us a video clip that bathed in a very Natural atmosphere with Taylor in an Angel's outfit, and where trees, waterfalls, streams and golden nets paraded, that almost made you travel in a magical world. Perhaps a subliminal message to encourage us to return to the essentials and which suggests that we achieve a certain balance, to remain natural to feel well in your head and well in your body!
Thanks for the message Taylor!

Surprising isn't it?
Taylor Swift loves surprises! After unveiling this new single, the young lady thrilled us again by sharing another version of her hit “Cardigan”. Taylor Swift seems to have taken a liking to a new storytelling and followed Folklore quickly with yet another album, her ninth, in December 2020. No stopping that Taylor Swift…