Marion Cotillard: Committed to The Planet

One of the artists who today, is most invested in the protection of the environment

No need to introduce you to the Marion Cotillard?
When we talk about artists who are committed to ecology, Marion Cotillard is never far away.
Did you know that she was widely involved in environmental causes?
Here, you will get to know everything about this actress and the different actions she has taken to fight against global warming! In particular BIGGER THAN US a cinema documentary based on the strength and ideas of a generation ready to do battle. Directed by Flore Vasseur and produced by Elzevir Films as well as by Marion Cotillard herself.

Where does Marion Cotillard's ecological conscience come from?
Almost everyone knows Marion Cotillard. She is a French actress who has played in many films and won multiple awards. Her English is so perfect that most of the time you would never know she was French! She is known as a Bond girl, in Big Fish, Inception, Contagion, The Dark Knight Rises, playing Edith Piaf in “ la Vie nen Rose” and many more. Nevertheless, although she is famous, she has real values ​​​​concerning ecology. And for good reason, she has always lived in this world: her parents have always had an ecological streak, without mentioning that her grandparents were market gardeners and therefore in contact with nature. Moreover, she finds that industrialization has gone too far, regarding the machines that were mainly used to help the farmers, but also to feed the different populations. Today, it is no longer possible to live without machines. Thus, she will even go so far as to say that there is a total imbalance between animals, nature or even trees, just as some examples.

Marion Cotillard: a committed activist!
Marion Cotillard has been involved in the ecological cause for many years, ever since her birth. In fact, she is not one of those showbiz stars who make this a passing fad: Marion Cotillard has real values ​​that she would like to pass on to as many people as possible. It is also important to note that she became an activist alongside Greenpeace in 2011. But you should also know that she was a person who sorted and separated her waste products, long before selective sorting existed. Marion Cotillard is therefore truly committed to this cause, which is particularly close to her heart.
But her convictions go even further, since she tried to free more than 30 Greenpeace activists who were locked up in Russia. She really believes in this cause and really wants to make her work to save the planet known and to spread the word. A great gesture that other people should follow!

She uses her work to fight against global warming
As we have mentioned, she is a very well-known person, but also very appreciated by her public. And her actions are in perfect harmony with the choices she makes: For example, in 2002, she refused a collaboration with L'Oréal. She was the voice on two documentaries in 2014 and 2009. In 2019, she was also the producer of the environmental documentary "Bigger Than Us."  The feature film focuses in particular on Melati Wijsen, an 18-year-old Indonesian who works with the local government to ban the sale of plastic bags on the island of Bali.
As you can see, Marion Cotillard is really sincere in her approach and her fight against global warming. She has a perfect sense of conduct and we can but trust her on this kind of subject. If you really want a committed environmental model, Marion Cotillard is definitely the one for you.