Celebs and Astrology

A phenomenon in the microcosm of fashion and the media…

The influence of astrology and the role of the daily horoscope are growing in popularity.
If some celebs still find astrology fanciful, others swear by their horoscope to predict the lesser and more major moments of their life. Some even get a tattoo done of their own astrological sign!
Daily horoscopes have been accompanying many celebrities for many years now, to the point that they have become a phenomenon in the microcosm of fashion and the media...

From Taylor Swift to Cameron Diaz via Rihanna and Princess Diana, here are the celebrities who know how to interpret their sign and use their knowledge wisely, or not!!

Or not… Because if there is one star who does not leave journalists indifferent on the web, it is Jennifer Lopez, whose star sign is Leo, and who has apparently turned dancers down because of their star sign… For reasons unknown, Jennifer Lopez doesn't seem to hold people who are Virgos very close to her heart. She confided to a famous New York newspaper “I love psychics and horoscopes, anything that can tell me what is going to happen! I want to know!”

According to "Today" magazine, Cancerian Princess Diana had her own astrologer, Penny Thornton. The astrologer is said to have had premonitory dreams about Diana's death before her tragic accident happened at the Alma Bridge.

The Barbadian singer and successful businesswoman has the symbol of her star sign tattooed behind her ear, among many other tattoos, I grant you! The artist proudly identifies with the energy of the star sign of Pisces!

According to the "Yahoo News,"  the American actress of Anglo-German and Cuban descent who is a Virgo, has her own personal astrologer, and it’s not just anyone, it’s that famous astrologer Suzanne Miller. It is said that Cameron asked the planets for help with many things, including finding a home.

Born under the sign of Sagittarius, we knew she was capable of igniting the biggest concert halls around the world, but not only that ... She is the sexiest woman in the world for the American magazine "Maxim", the most powerful for "Fortune", and "Time Magazine" made her enter her sacrosanct ranking among the 100 most influential personalities. Could astrology be the tool responsible for such fame?
In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Taylor Swift opened up about her disagreement with Katy Perry (Scorpio), publicly claiming that their astrological signs are partially the cause of their feud.

Well, celebs and alignments of the planets remain a subject which is virtually banal and obviously, they continue to firmly believe in them!
The last thing that comes to mind is to say that astrology and horoscopes are not only for celebs! Who could claim not to have read their horoscope at least once in their life?
Answer… ?! Well, according to the statistics, all women have consulted their horoscope and many still continue to consult it on a regular basis.