An Introduction To Tantra Yoga

Feeling good in my body and good in my head

Yoga is very popular these days. Many are influenced by this form of exercise and meditation because it has so many benefits. There are many kinds of Yoga which are known and practiced today. We will focus here on Tantra Yoga.

Tantric yoga is focused on spiritual healing and most importantly on the integration of  the body, mind and the spirit. In India, there is an ancient tradition that sexuality is an important phase in being able to achieve a certain degree of enlightenment. An oriental healing art.
In Western religious norms, pleasure and sexual desires are not usually associated with spirituality. Conversely, bodily practices tend to be considered unclean by Western religious traditions.
However, in Eastern philosophy, there is a celebration of the splendor and glory of creation. Later, a science was developed to understand how to get the most out of this wonderful therapeutic experience. Energy is known and considered to be the source of life in Tantra.
In addition, Eastern philosophy considers sexual energy and impulses to be a great and sacred energy. There are many exercises that help with sexual performance. Some of these physical exercises include contractions, breathing, and holding certain positions.
There are many benefits that can be achieved by performing these different physical exercises. Some of these lead to better prostate function and improved sexual performance. Another benefit is improved sexual stamina during intercourse.

Find your inner fire
There are different types of exercises. Besides physical exercises, there are also psycho-spiritual exercises. These exercises are one way to meditate on unconditional love and desire. Therefore, it can make sexual activities less agonizing and less annoying, but also the pressure felt to perform certain positions is minimized.
It is said that the most fascinating sexual experience is to give in completely to your partner or lover, to what he or she really wants. Expectations can be high, so you have to practice.
Through meditation and the appropriate exercises, you can think of the different ways in which to satisfy your lover. When you focus on what your partner really wants, it is an experience that can strengthen the relationship between you. Plus, you will receive the satisfaction you have always wanted. There are a few exercises that can help you: we will focus here on sexual performance.
By repeating certain mantras and chants along with breathing exercises and proper meditation, one can achieve these benefits.

Reconnect with your sensuality
There are also many ways to take your foreplay to the next level.
With massages and gentle caresses, one can receive a rewarding experience that can stimulate both the physical and the spiritual plane, and thus heal in different ways.
Reiki or channeled energy healing is practiced before engaging in sexual activity. This is known to increase sexual pleasure during sex. It is an oriental healing art where one partner channels their energy to the other.
Thanks to tactile stimulation, healing is achieved and the physical and spiritual aspects are improved. In this way, you can both reach a deeper state of relaxation and meditation, which is very helpful for couples.