Reshape Your Body With Yoga

A healthy mind in a healthy body!

Between transport, the stress of work, and our family responsibilities, we do not always have the time to devote ourselves to physical activities. But with yoga and a little motivation, 10 minutes will be enough to reshape your body, especially if you are not a big sportswoman! Yoga contributes to weight loss on many levels, these movements aim to strengthen the groups of large muscles. It's a shame to think that the immense benefits of yoga are limited to a notion of thinness. Find out here how to redesign your body through yoga, to have a pretty figure.

The Board to tone your muscle mass
This exercise helps to strengthen the arms and restore shape to your bust. Unroll your yoga mat. Lie face down. Line up your shoulders with your elbows, palms on the floor. Secure a point in front of you. Contract your abdominals, inhale deeply trying to raise yourself up with your elbows. Your body should be a straight line. Hold this exercise for 60 seconds while breathing in and out slowly, then slowly come back down. Always keep the rhythm of your breathing.

The cobra pose to firm your bust and buttocks
This yoga pose will work on the functioning of your intestines, kidneys, and your lungs. Lie on your stomach. Place your straight legs in a straight line. Bring your hands and forearms up to shoulder height. Breathe in and out slowly, lifting your entire torso off the floor. Persist for 30 to 60 seconds, looking far ahead. Inhale, exhale deeply.

The stretched angle posture for flexibility and mobility
This position involves your pelvis, abdominal belt, shoulders, legs and back.
Start with a warrior position: •    line up your heels by imagining a line, put the knee of the front leg over the ankle and pull in your lower back. 
•    Stretch your arms out on each side. Look straight ahead. Breathe in and out deeply.
•    Lean to the right from the waist and put your right forearm on your right thigh. 
•    Stretch your left arm up and then forward. Release your left shoulder.
•    Pull your chest upwards. 
•    Take at least three breaths before repeating on the other side.

You will understand that yoga is also a healthy lifestyle and a moral value. Remember to hydrate yourself and eat a balanced diet.