How to Take On Winter and Win!

The best tips for keeping fit in winter and escaping viruses!

Well then, my little troopers! It's time for the winter season, which can weigh a little on our morale. So that this season does not become a flurry of evil, a little basic advice for you: do not be defeated, you can prevail! Yes indeed, all the circumstances are present in abundance: a decrease of light, lower temperatures, loss of energy, a weak immune system. Let's fix this as soon as possible! But how, you might ask? To do so, this most splendid little guide has been put together for you

A first line of defence on repeat: a machine-gun of fruits and vegetables
There is nothing better than a good dose of fruits and vegetables to boost our bodies during this period of intense cold that freezes our insides. Let's therefore opt for seasonal foods, such as cabbage, leeks, carrots, clementines and tutti quanti!
Aside from this shot of vitamins, hydration is not to be neglected... Green Tea, herbal teas, vegetable broths and water are essential at all times!

Dress to kill: the cold, here we come!
When it's cold outside, it's better not to be locked up at home (even if our lovely duvet is very comforting)! An escape to the outside world will delight our senses and lift our morale to an ideal high. So go, perfect yourself with your most beautiful scarves, gloves and quilted pants to take on the enemy this winter.
“Why this epilogue?” You might ask me. Quite simply, the fact is, that exposure to light has a significant impact on our morale, which is not to be sniffed at. An explanation, my little butterflies? Our bodies are based on a circadian rhythm (a biological rhythm of about 24 hours, due to the rotating movements of the earth and the variations of light), which play on our physiology. If the impacts are physiological, then the resulting consequences necessarily have an impact on our sleep, the production of our hormones and so on (thereby including our morale). So let's get out, get out and go on an adventure to beautiful pastures!

He who knows noses knows best
Scientists at Mass Eye and Ear and Northeastern University have discovered why our noses play an important role in the fight against colds and flu and even Covid-19. In fact,  it turns out that our noses are the first line of defence against upper respiratory diseases. If there is an attack from an unfriendly bacteria or virus, our noses release billions of tiny fluid-filled little pods, which cluster around the attacker, thus prohibiting it from entering the body through the mucous membranes. In colder weather, the efficiency of these defences is greatly reduced. In the tests that were carried out, as the external temperature dropped, so did the internal temperature of the nose and the quantity of the secretion of the tiny fluid filled pods reduced by up to 42%. That was at a temperature of 4.4 degrees, so we might suppose that even colder temperatures make our noses even less effective! So, get your nose warmer out! You might even start a new trend!

There is no escaping the next point: a sporting activity is a good offensive
Sport allows us not to get overwhelmed and not to hibernate! Even if it is simply more pleasant to stay at home and be lazy, swaddled in a myriad of plaids. So go, go, go and re-go my little escargots!
Put on your sneakers and let's go for a little bit of running, walking, iking or even yoga and meditation on rainy days! In addition to this, we all know that sport acts on our brain by modifying the secretions of dopamine, adrenaline and endorphins! And all this just for our well-being.

A fourth step that looks like a safety valve: a small boost to the immune system
Our bodies are said to be under “stress” during the winter period. In fact, our immune defenses are less optimised, since our bodies are already fighting against the cold, in order to maintain our body heat. So, there is nothing better than a little extra help, if your dear carcass makes you feel the need!
Let’s not hesitate to take out our arsenal! A good dose of vitamin C and vitamin D to light up our faces, a serving of probiotics (micro-organisms that will hunt down microbes) for an even better appearance. And consider your zinc levels too!  Be careful, this story is not over yet, because you can also invigorate yourself with tea and herbal teas for a cocooning atmosphere!
And that's all, my little verbena seeds!