Madonna Leaves the Kabbalah for Opus Dei

A true double promotion for the secret Catholic sect made famous by The Da Vinci Code

Closer to you… the “Queen of Pop”
For fifteen years, she was the Kabbalah's most prominent and devoted follower, yet the separation was hard and stormy.
The press leapt on the story, and for good reason: Madonna, who regularly indulges in religions like a rather uncertain student, revealed the scoop following her interview with priests from the London headquarters.

Info or misinformation?
Apparently, Madonna cut ties with the Kabbalah, following a possible alleged disagreement with certain leaders, after the money collected for her charity in Malawi is said to have been squandered. In any case, this is what “The Mirror” maintained. According to them, a sizeable portion of the $2.4 million raised by Madonna’s charity “Raising Malawi”, was allegedly spent on the Kabbalah’s LA offices.
“She has invested so much into Kabbalah, so she is devastated by these damning accusations.” a source told the Daily Mirror.
Madonna now seems to have set her sights on Opus Dei.

Madonna in like a prayer mode?
We all know Madonna through these confusing religious lyrics, clips and albums and they are almost a kind of trademark for her. That being said, it is rumored that she has been heading towards an equally mystical current, Opus Dei, a secret branch of the Catholic Church. Yet it is not surprising that Opus Dei may have always intrigued Madonna.
The British tabloid The Mirror reports that we could soon hear Madonna proselytizing for the sect directly on their site: "it would be impossible for Opus Dei to carry out its mission if its members were not open about their involvement.”

What our columnist thinks;
It is difficult to confirm whether Madonna has joined Opus Dei or not. On the contrary, piqued by curiosity and by her artistic universe, it would not be surprising if she had spoken with the big bosses of Opus Dei. So far there has been no confirmation of this rumor, the only thing that can be confirmed is her interest in studying religions and understanding them as best as possible.

Miss X! 
Could she still be a messenger of secrets of the ancients? In her last album, Madame X, she gives us a cryptic message. In 30 years of career, she certainly has always known how to shake up all the codes and create many controversies. BUT anyway, where Madonna lies between the Kabbalah or Opus Dei, is not really our concern. What should be remembered is that the pop star remains a very committed artist... Among other things, she has constructed an orphanage in Malawi, where she adopted three children there, and financed several schools thanks to her "Raising Malawi" foundation. On May 5, 2020, she participated in a global telethon organized in Brussels to fund the research and development of a vaccine. An initiative that has raised nearly 8 billion euros, including more than a million from her own pocket! Perhaps that is something greater to remember!