What is Numeromancy?

We look into divination using numbers

Numeromancy is the association of numerology, in turn linked to the meanings of the arcana of the tarot, in order to better understand your future during a psychic consultation.
It is an additional method that can be used to complement traditional psychic readings. Specific meanings are given to numbers, thanks to their "vibrational frequencies".
The process consists of making calculations from the letters making up a surname or a first name, a word or a number.
Each letter symbolizes a numerical value which gives the vibrational frequency.

We can differentiate between two methods of numerology:
The most traditional one with 9 numbers and the other method using 22 numbers to which numerical values have been assigned, called the kabbalah.
The relationship between the 26 letters of the alphabet and the 22 numbers or the major arcana of the Tarot gives rise to a different kind of numerology. This is defined as the balance between ying and yang, white and black, light and shadow... Or between all the opposites that complement each other.
The psychic numerologist will therefore be able to make an in-depth study of a person thanks to each letter of his or her first and last name.
This is a new method of reading!

Here are some interpretations of the numbers:
1=to be.
11= is used in photography or painting and symbolizes a moment that has stopped in time, but also lying and homosexuality (know that "a lying lie" cancels itself out) and even death (AIDS, poison with reference to scorpions) hence the 911 for the police and fire brigade, but also the crosses on the churches: a "double" cross = 2 for Catholics and a "triple" cross for Orthodox Christians.
2 = dislike, cancel.
3 = (to be touched), to sell, hence the curse of Friday 13 = 5 for Friday + 13 which means the love that can be sold, therefore the number of prostitution.
4 = to touch, to speak
5 = to heal, to love.
6 = like the Star of David. 666 is the number of "the beast", of the object or the puppet because there are only three 6s (not enough)!
7= to hear.
8 = to understand.
9 = marks the absence of light.
0 = to expire.
This method of calculation allows a new approach in a psychic reading and will be of great use in life for those important choices that need to be made. That said, it remains neither more nor less an esoteric support in addition to a psychic reading.

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