Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Flexitarian Diets: What Are The Differences?

Still don't know the difference between a vegetarian, a vegan, a flexitarian and more? We tell you what you need to know

Hello my veggie lovers! Today, let's talk about different diets! More and more of us are looking down at meat consumption. At present, our society is opening its eyes to the reality of intensive farming, inducing environmental damage such as water and groundwater pollution, the development of diseases and the impact on biodiversity. The deplorable sanitary conditions for certain intensive farms are now also known (Well, in reality we already knew this, but we closed our eyes to it).
Animal welfare is often put aside in our thoughts. Hence the choice made by various people for a (sometimes drastic) change of diet. In addition to animal welfare and environmental protection, some people’s choices may arise from their religion, health or even purely from a financial aspect.

Who is who?
Flexitarians are people who do eat meat but usually try to keep this in the balance. Consequently, they often greatly reduce their intake of meat. 

As for vegetarians, they do not eat any animal flesh. This is a refusal to eat meat, and often also includes not eating fish and seafood.
Pescatarians do not eat meat, but they do eat fish and shellfish.
No meat, no milk, no eggs, no honey no animal bi-products at all, for vegans. Vegans are people who do not consume any animal products of any kind. Their meals are mainly vegetable based. Veganism is often an entire way of life that removes the use of any product created from animal exploitation. A vegan does not buy leather, fur, or cosmetics tested on animals. You may also rarely find a vegan wandering around in zoos or going to circuses, which is pretty logical.

According to numerous studies, a vegetarian diet does not imply having any deficiency, the proteins necessary for our body are all present in fruits, pulses and vegetables. It still may be necessary to consider supplements to keep a healthy balance.

And that’s it in a nutshell!  A kiss to you all, my darlings!