10 Foods That Boost the Brain

“Brain Food”: a reductionist concept

Go, go, go for brain food! Yes, the link between diet and mental health is increasingly recognized within the scientific community. But is that a fact?

A brief state of the art
The concept of "Brain Food" or "food for the brain," concerns foods or nutrients that could optimize the performance of our brains... Let's be careful with the term "performance" here though. In no way will this allow you to become smarter!... Yes, the premises of this concept come from science... Let me explain: our Western diet is low in nutrients and high in calories, thus causing the problem of nutritional balance for our organisms, as well as for our brains. In fact, a link between diet and mental health is increasingly recognized by the scientific community. In particular, in psychiatry, where a certain kind of diet could help optimize certain treatments.
In fact, our diets are often excessive and, coupled with many saturated fats and refined carbohydrates, reflecting a risk of us contracting certain diseases, which can consequently have an effect on the health of our brain!

A diet story
The Mediterranean diet tends to reduce the risk of stroke and cognitive impairment. This could also play a role against hypertension, making it possible to fight against cerebral aging.
In addition, a healthy Nordic diet could have positive effects on cognition. This diet is beneficial for its abundance of red fruits and berries. 
The Okinawan diet also preserves our neurons, while reducing the risk of neurodegenerative diseases. It is decked out with a low caloric density, combining high consumption of vegetables, moderate consumption of seafood and alcohol and finally, low consumption of dairy products, meats and unsaturated fats.
In summary, if we combine these different diets, we can see a main trend, that of a balanced and varied diet, abolishing refined and ultra-processed products, thus making it possible to resort to neuroprotective effects!

Top x and top y, always more reductionist!
Many "Top 10s to boost your brain" appear in women's health or even cooking magazines.

  • Oily fish make a great dish
  • Eggs have legs
  • Hazelnuts no ifs or buts
  • Turmeric brings punch with it
  • Pumpkin seeds fulfil the needs
  • Cruciferous vegetables are quite the edibles
  • Whole grains make great mains
  • Pulses give you impulses
  • Fruit is cute
  • Paprika can take you far

Here is an arrangement of some "Top 10s", which are by no means complete. In reality, it is enough not to give in to processed products. So, get your whisks and spatulas out to concoct delicious dishes! The must-do is to eat a balanced diet by varying your diet as often as possible! The key to a healthy brain! It is quite clear that if you ingest pumpkin seeds and turmeric, combined with sodas or other greasy and chocolate-covered munchies, it is counterproductive!
That’s all for today, my little beanies!