Psychology Test

Test your powers of seduction and discover your main assets!

Which Seductress Are You?

Have you decided to have a look at your assets for seduction? What a great idea!

What makes them (all) crack is often more subtle and unexpected.
Okay so, girls, let's relax, it's not a written in stone! The originality of this psychology test of seduction is a little bit of knowledge, a bit of originality, all with an unusual tqist, to win the prize which must go to the most interesting, the most delicious and the the one who will really play the game...
What else? By carrying out this psychological seduction test, you will discover your potential for seduction and especially your state of mind, but that's not all!
Whether you are single or in a relationship, take this test and find out how to make a man run into your arms, and to get him hooked.

This evening you are going out dancing:

  • You go for it whole heartedly!

  • This is your chance to bring out your little accessories!

  • Pff! It only matters what you feel like inside!

Your second name would be:

  • Marilyn

  • Lolita

  • Jane

Meeting at the restaurant for a one on one dinner:

  • It will be in a "5 star" restaurant or not at all!

  • A glass of champagne and a dinner and show!

  • Great, you haven't tried the new pizza in your fave restaurant yet!

The film that makes you daydream:

  • Basic Instinct

  • Pretty Woman

  • Bridget Jones

Looking in the mirror, the person that you see:

  • Looks as young as they did 10 years ago!

  • Has deep beautiful eyes!

  • Has wrinkles that wear well!

The actor that really does it for you:

  • George Clooney

  • John Malkovitch

  • Johnny Depp

Your secret for seducing:

  • A tailor made body!

  • An intoxicating perfume!

  • Sweet words which will not be forgotten!

Your line regarding love from a film:

  • See this beauty in the mirror, This face, I can't believe it, This smile, to say it's me, Dazzling, bewitched. Nathalie Wood (1938 - 1981) in West Side Story (1961)

  • I often come across you (...)- You want to run into me, Saturday around lunch time? Meg Ryan et Tom Hanks in You’ve Got Mail (1998)

  • The greatest truth you’ll ever learn is that you just have to love and be loved in return. Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge! (2001)

Your perfume:

  • Very Irresistible by Givenchy

  • Osez-moi by Chantal Thomas

  • Flower by Kenzo

Which is your favorite quote:

  • "Love is a small boat which departs, all joyful, on the waves, sailing towards new territories." Quote by Charles Trenet

  • "If all love beautifies women, women, they beautify love" Quote by Anne Bernard

  • "There is love for everyone, everyone has the right to be happy.". Quote by Alice Sapritch

You have a maxium of :

There is no arguing about it, you do not go unnoticed! You play the femme fatale to perfection! People turn around after you pass by, you leave memories engraved upon people! Like the praying mantis, which is one of the most revered insects by African storytellers, you have gift of transformation and the great talents of an illusionist! Like the mantis that awaits its prey, motionless on the stem of a flower, all you have to do is to sit there to attract whomever you want to you!
You know how to show off, you take care of yourself, and you can spend hours perfecting your makeup and choosing your outfit. Going out without having been able to put on your makeup is impossible! This does not prevent you from being someone who is sincere, deep and very natural; but beware, with your appearance, some could misunderstand your true desires!

You have a maxium of :

Like the spider, you have a double image: As the predator, you weave your web on which you easily attract the person who has caught your attention. Also, this finely uniform and patiently woven web evokes fragility: this evocation refers to the fragility of your certainties or even to deceptive appearances.You want to please, but sometimes you are mistaken about what others expect.
In India, the spider is a symbol of freedom because it comes and goes along its thread according to its needs. Likewise, you tend to adorn yourself however you like; that is when you've decided! It’s easy to guess when you’re ready to meet the other person! But, don't be afraid to let the other person approach you; you might be pleasantly surprised!

You have a maxium of :

Like the mother hen, you represent safe and happy protection. You don't get attached to the superfluous, you act naturally and let the other person see exactly what you are without any frills! What matters to you is love you can share together and want to build on.
In western symbolism, the hen is associated with fertility, motherhood and maternal instinct. Your make up is one of tenderness and care. You convey the image of a person who can be relied on, who can be trusted. Your promises are made for eternity! However, do not be afraid to use small accessories to showcase this natural charm you have, you will only be more attractive!

No letter stands out

One vamping day, one wearing slippers day: it's all about the mood! You can be irresistible, or you can let go, chill out and no longer care about your appearance. You are a small theater all to yourself! Your closet is filled with her different costumes that you have accumulated hoping to find the one that suits you.
You seem to be looking for a stability that you cannot find.
Get to know yourself, listen to your deepest desires and you will know how to charm others with spontaneity.