"Cuffing season" The Way To Survive Winter...

A behavioral pattern "of love" which tends to develop and even sets in from year to year ...

"Cuffing Season" refers to a specific period of the year, which begins in October; and so from the beginning of the autumn period until the end of the winter period, when some singles try to find a partner that suits them both emotionally and sexually, which go hand in hand together.

An expression (sexy or not, depending on each individual’s interpretation) which comes from across the Atlantic, that could make us believe that this is simply a time innocently conducive to dating but the phenomenon of cuffing, suggestive of "handcuffing,” is none other than the desire of one of the two partners to prepare for a period to stay safely warm under the duvet during the cold period, as a duo, rather than spending it alone.

Objective: to be able to protect oneself from having an emotional and/or sexual lack and to ensure of comfort for the winter. The goal is not always clearly revealed by the candidate, who may even be oblivious to their own needs of "rushing to get hitched, um, well, in a short marriage!" A need for some singles to not expose themselves to the winter blues.

Hmm ... this makes you think all the same, about the possible "date" to come, or we could also ask ourselves if our famous date is not the subject of a "filling in" for our hopeful candidate.

Some questions on the subject
• Do I want to simply replace a one-night stand or a sex toy which is overly impersonal, to fill the winter months?
• Am I willing to look like a cozy and reassuring interactive cuddly toy?
• Do I want to take the risk of transforming myself into a warm mohair sweater that the other person will hasten to sell off as soon as the spring arrives?!
• Do I finally want to settle down for a few months, or is it the cold that is encouraging me to stay in and want to watch series during the weekends as part of a couple, rather than going round to a friend’s to have a nice hot meal, instead of being alone?
• Am I ready to have a relationship of convenience rather than a… non-existent relationship?

After this series of multiple questions: only you can answer those and thus better understand this concept of a temporary relationship. As a result, you will be better prepared for the coming season and able to spot "short-lived" contenders.

Right then! Let's stay positive and also consider that this can sometimes bring its share of surprises and ultimately lead to a romance that could be made to last. Let's try not to be too suspicious ...

Ready to play the game?
Well in that case, put the odds in your favour and get an implementation strategy into place: your ad, whether it be face-to -ace or online:

"Looking for a serious partner for a 6-month fixed-term contract".

Yes girls, humour is an irresistible asset when it comes to grabbing the goods!

A little conclusion
Some dating sites develop events like a celebration of the "Cuffing Season", and this happens all over the world. An opportunity perhaps to avoid wasting time in "pocket dating" (exchanges by messages) and to get straight to the point without wasting time: onwards and upwards to adventure!