Valentine's Day: The Day of Love or Just a Commercial Celebration?

Should the new conformity be to stop celebrating St Valentine’s Day?

Hello my loves! Today, there’s no going round the houses, we are going to get straight to the heart of the matter, thanks to many testimonies (collected after many adventures). In collective thinking, the majority of opinions and responses seem to oscillate towards: "Valentine's Day is just a commercial celebration, so I don't celebrate it myself," or “I celebrate it, but am fully aware that it is a commercial celebration”.

Different points of view reviewed
I suggest we establish two different sets of answers to look at all the PROS or CONS, while asking ourselves the right question: Since when has St Valentine  been the patron saint of lovers?

PROS: Perfectly Romantically Orientated Sentimentally?
Here are some different arguments from the PRO party: "It is a reminder to remember and honour our loved ones," "A good opportunity to declare our love for each other, by offering gifts for example. That is always a pleasure”. But what does that mean? “Declaring our love for each other” therefore means buying gifts? Mamamia!
CONS: Commercial Opportunity No Show?
Some people lean towards silly phrases like (and yes, okay, apologies for my judgments here): “A couple who are in love show this to each other almost every day,” or even “A single day is not enough to declare your love.” Or the famous “There’s no need for a fixed date, everyone can have their date and celebrate it whenever they want”. That's hardly the point or the question, especially when some of us haven't yet been able to find the ideal love.

First of all, let me be concise. Valentine's Day is like a birthday! The only difference is that it celebrates life together, but you still have to be sure that the relationship will last. That's all! There is no side to take concerning its commercial or romantic aspect. It’s a fact, all celebrations are commercial! You are not going to tell me that Christmas, Easter or Halloween are simply festivals that are full of traditions and customs! Today, this way of thinking is obsolete. Christmas is equal to gifts and eating a lot. Easter is equal to chocolates and more chocolates, and Halloween is a good excuse for a party and to eat yet again.In summary, from this small confrontation of Pros and Cons, let's get in the balance. Let's not argue our point of view with statements such as: "Valentine's Day is just a commercial celebration". Otherwise, in this case, you can only be strictly honest if you do not celebrate any other festivities in your calendar.

Commercial, so what?
Let's break down the commercial tactics! “Travel with your Valentine” weekend offers, “Special Valentine’s Day” menus in restaurants, naughty lingerie and other accessories in shop windows that are usually red or pink in colour, dating offers, and even the solution to get your EX back.
All the CEOs are on heat! The commercial sector is rubbing its hands weeks and weeks in advance, just waiting for the festivities to start. Numbers, numbers and more numbers! Maximizing sales is the only way! Pushing us to over-consume, while maintaining the illusion of doing business. Regrettably, always  with the purchase of unnecessary objects!
A phenomenon that is also visible at the approach of all the holidays and festivals.
Aberrations: 1) The offering of gifts, 2) Feeling related to a good deed, and finally 3) The need for demonstration of attachment. This is one of the realities, driven by the advertising pressure, that suggests that the price of the gift, rather than the gesture, is a measure of love. It’s surely capitalism at its best! Let's simply love each other without material evidence!
After all, we can do Valentine's Day while avoiding shopping, in order to counter the commercial aspect of this annual celebration of love...