Foods Which Help You Sleep

What if we make a start by taking care of the contents on our plate!

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Are you constantly looking for the right position and sighing? Is it not easy for you to fall asleep?
Did you know that certain foods can become essential in improving the quality of your nights and overcoming insomnia? In fact several foods store properties that act directly on the nervous system, facilitating and stimulating melatonin and serotonin. Taking sleeping pills is not necessarily the best solution, because according to the latest news, to sleep well, all you have to do is choose your food well. Here are the 3 main categories of foods to favor in your diet and which will promote good sleep.

Starches and carbohydrates: smart foods for long sleeps!
Starchy foods, such as rice, pasta, cereals such as quinoa or bulgur and other slow sugars, contain starch, which helps our neurotransmitters with the production of serotonin. Generally speaking, it is therefore beneficial to have a good intake of carbohydrates with a low glycemic index. For more comfort in our digestion, this kind of meal should be eaten 4 hours before bedtime. Here are the fruits to include at the end of your evening meal, try to favor seasonal fruits: dried fruits, figs, bananas, fruit compotes, dates.

Foods rich in tryptophan and B6
Tryptophan is an amino acid that makes you sleep and vitamin B6 is naturally present in different foods.
And at the top of all these rich foods, we find fish. In fact, all foods from marine animals are rich in this powerful natural sedative (tryptophan), we can find it in large quantities both in shrimp, tuna and halibut. Sleep disorders are sometimes due to vitamin B6 deficiencies, however you can find this vitamin present in salmon and tuna. However, avoid fish from farms or fish from overfishing, which are not all good for our health as well as, of course, for the planet.

Magnesium to rebalance your nervous system
Certain legumes (lentils, chickpeas, dried beans), nuts, seeds (sesame, sunflower, squash, pumpkin) are rich in magnesium. In general, magnesium is a mineral necessary for the proper functioning of the body, but which also has good virtues on the balance of your sleep, because it relieves stress, fatigue, irritability and helps balance the nervous system.

Relaxing herbal teas: the potions of antiquity
Certain relaxing herbal teas such as valerian, passionflower, lime blossom, chamomile or even the famous wizard's herb, verbena can be of help too. Since antiquity, these beverages have proven their effectiveness and no one can say the opposite!
However, you can opt for a good mug of hot milk by adding honey. Known for its virtues and far from being a myth, the latter allows you to fall asleep much more quickly, the brain transforms the tryptophan and the calcium contained in the milk, into serotonin. Sorry for our vegan friends because this only works if it's animal milk.

So, it's time to change your eating habits and to stop making mistakes, to say goodbye to sleepless nights!