Experience & Qualifications

Expert Tarot Reader, Numerologist, Astrologist and Clairvoyant
Experience & Qualifications:

Your accurate Psychic reading

I’m Virginia, dedicted to truthful readings and accurate forecasts. Try me today and see how I sum up your here and now in just a few moments, without any prompting. I feel your emotions and see the past, present and future in the tarot cards. The images speak to me as well as the meanings behind the cards. Coupled with my natural intuitive senses, I will bring you clarity quickly and sympathetically.

I can clarify any issues related to love, relationships, career or finance for you. Do you want to see your path ahead clearly? Then come and get a reading with me. Come to me for detailed readings in which I will reveal all. I will also help you find your inner peace. It is an intimate and confidential journey, so have your mind and heart open. I will give you a confidential, private personal reading where you will feel brighter, more positive and know your options to move forward and achieve your maximum potential.

I have been speaking to Virginia for many years. Her readings are always insightful and I think she is very accurate with her predictions. Peggy F
She is very good. Provided clarity on my situation. I'd definitely consult again. She is truly kind and she did pick up the story :)

Thank you so much the accuracy was right on by the time we finished my heart was left afresh my mind focused....now to move forward

Always helpful, accurate, caring, and supportive. Thanks!!!