Experience & Qualifications

Astrology, Gifted Clairvoyant, Crystal Ball,Cards
Experience & Qualifications:

Powerful natural clairvoyant from birth

Hi i am Chelsea your psychic reader. Since a child I have been aware of my clairvoyant skills, which run in my family. I would get flashes of visions of things that would come to pass in the future.

Since I was a teenager, I also studied astrology and numerology, the Tarot cards and cartomancy, and now, I combine all of these skills to bring you the psychic reading that suits you.

I 'm here to help you overcome any obstacles or difficulties you have at the present time and reveal your future. If you just want to know the outcome of a current situation moving forwards, or to know your destiny, I am here for you.

I will use my experience in Tarot, numerology and astrology, as well as my clairvoyant gift to see into you and your future. I will guide you onto the right path. Call me without hesitation , you will not regret it.

A really lovely person but who is also very able with their psychic abilities and gifts of clairvoyance. When Chelsea described my POI to me I just couldn’t believe it, it was like she was looking at his photo! A wonderful psychic with wonderful ability to see. Gemma H
What a magnificent psychic! Traditional readings, and modern insight, even telling you dates that things will happen in the future. For me Chelsea has always been right every step of the way. xx Millie
I love speaking with Chelsea, she is so reassuring and gifted with her visions. Able to use the Tarot cards also if needed, which I do like on occasion, she is a great all rounder and able to give clarity and sound advice if asked. One hell of a psychic. Spot on. Rebecca
Round of applause for this reader, who deserves some kind of prize for accuracy. Picks up on feelings and can even see what is going on in reality. Its like they are up on a cloud and can look down and see whatever you ask. Amazing! Trudy
Thank you for my phone reading this morning, I really appreciate it. It's giving me a bit more clarity to what's going on with my man in his life at the moment. You mentioned him dealing with a lot of issues at the moment and I can relate to that.Thank you for your guidance and support. I really appreciate all your prayers and helping me through this very hard and trying time in my life.