Experience & Qualifications

Psychic, Psychology, Energy reader, Tarot
Experience & Qualifications:

Intuitive psychic, psychology

Hi my name is John. I like to use a powerful combination of numbers and logic in my readings with you.

I also use cards as a confirmation and to give greater detail on what I  am seeing in your situation.

My specialist areas are guidance on love or heartbreak, but I am also quite happy reading on complex career, family or financial situations. If you are in any of these, you’ve come to the right person. In love, are you tired of being alone? What’s the cause of this? Are you missing a past loved one and need to get them back? Or, what if you think you’ve met the man of your dreams, but don’t know what to do next?  Relationship issues are my strength and I know the psychology behind the man.

I can guide you towards the right path! Trust in me and call now!

OMG! I can’t believe how scarily spot on John was!! It was like he was right there next to me, able to describe things down to a T! Great guidance too on how to move forwards with my partner. Very sound advice. Taylor
Elizabeth B

Yes enjoyed my talk with John correct in every thing he said


Amazing. John is my little angel! My virtual personal coach that is what i needed; Super helpful with lots of great information!


Amazing... John truly helped me and my situation.. thanks to him life is sooo much better..Is the best.


He is my favorite. John told me, Ii would see my partner 24 Feb today and I did. He is the most clear of them all. I'm finally reunited with my partner.