Experience & Qualifications

Tarot reader, Psychic Clairvoyant, Numerology
Experience & Qualifications:

Tarot reader with natural gifts.

Hello this is Ella. I am a gifted psychic clairvoyant. This has run in my family for many generations. I have also studied the psychic arts. 

I started reading cards when I was younger, reading for friends and family before I was encouraged to start reading for others due to my accuracy. I also studied numerology and astrology, to name just a few of my current skills that I can use in a reading with you. 

I will use my natural gifts to guide you towards a spiritually fulfilling life. If you’re worried about a loved one, are lonely, mourning a relationship, or have questions about your career and future stability, then I can assist you in a very positive way. I will provide insight with compassion and honesty and will leave you feeling positive about the future that is ahead of you. Call now to start your healing process in a personal and enlightening reading with me.

Ella is awesome!!! Every time we speak, I feel relaxed and uplifted within the first minute. And its like my life has changed since we started speaking! Talk about being spiritually guided!!! Ella can tell you about your love life and relationship, your home and work in a way that no other psychic can. Top psychic!!! Ruby
Thankyou for my free psychic reading sent by email. I thought what the hell, but couldn’t believe it when I read it. So spot on! You summed me up very accurately and my situation as well. I realised a lot more was in my control than I thought! Excellent.
Wow this reader is excellent. Able to see into my partner like she had known him for years! Able to see the root of the problems so we could sort them out-and we have done. Back to happiness and love like the first days, all thanks to andrea.
My relationship is complicated, but thanks to the help of Ella, I am now managing to successfully navigate through the storms and get back to calm seas quickly.Ella is an absolute gem, so gifted and able and such a lovely person. I can only encourage you to try a reading if you have any kind of relationship issue, you will be glad you did!
I regularly speak with Ella because she always gives me the best relationship advice, even when things are really perplexing. Since I started having readings, I feel calmer, clearer, and know what to expect in my relationship and how to deal with it. Highly recommended.