Experience & Qualifications

Higher Divine guidance Medium/Clairvoyant
Experience & Qualifications:

Clairvoyant and psychic love reader

I am Alexia, clairvoyant and psychic love reader and I have been giving readings since 2007. I intervene on many different issues for everyone who wishes to find love, save their relationship and in particular, to get their ex back. It is a pleasure to share my journey and my gift with you, to help you better understand your love life as well as to achieve your personal well-being and, of course, to recover your EX.

I have used my clairvoyant gifts and read the Tarot for more than 20 years. I instantly reveal my flashes of vision to you and give you my precious predictions, to help you improve your daily life and your love life.

Beyond my extraordinary gift of clairvoyance, my great mastery of the Oracles and an in-depth knowledge of the Tarot, allow me to clearly see what has caused the problems you have encountered in your relationship.

I am a peaceful woman, courageous and have exceptional lucidity, and I will help you get your EX back.

I have specialized in the behavioral studies regarding relationships, for more than 15 years.

If you are unable to turn the page on your relationship. If you are convinced that this story really isn’t over. Many breakups are similar, but each story and each person is different. If I obtain very good results, it is because my strength is to adapt and deliver strategies according to the personalities concerned, and according to the reason for the break up. If you want to get your EX back, then I'm the psychic you need.

Get answers to all your questions. Thanks to my psychic gifts, getting your EX back has never been easier! So, let yourself be guided and say STOP to suffering.

Try out my gifts of pure clairvoyance with a consultation by email or by telephone and judge for yourself.

Alexia By MeandMyEX

sabrina K
I did all the wrong things when me and my boyfriend split up. The one right thing I did was to speak to Alexia who told me what I needed to know to repair our relationship. We are now happy and have resolved our issues. Thankyou Alexia, you really are fantastic!
I love Alexia! Always frank and honest and doesn’t waist your time. She is kind and compassionate and seems to see into every situation clearly. And she gives great solid advice and choices on what you can do and everything. Highly recommended. Meghan
Thanks a lot for the free email reading, I never expected to be blown away- but I was!
After an argument, my ex partner and I had a fallout and he went into silent mode. I was desperate to get his love back. Alexia helped me do exactly that, in just two sessions. Such a kind, caring and knowledgeable psychic, who used a combination of coaching and psychic senses to understand my situation and give me all the answers I needed. Success! Don’t hesitate to speak with Alexia.
Thanks to the great guidance from Alexia, me and my ex have been reunited! I am overjoyed!
Alexia is such a great advisory always spot on. She alway reassured me I'm going in the right direction. She really does listen to me she is not just a listener but she is a friend indeed.