Experience & Qualifications

Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Empathic Psychic
Experience & Qualifications:

Gifted Clairvoyant Clairsentient

Hi, this is Jasmin. I am a real gifted psychic reader with special innate senses.  I am a clairvoyant, clairsentient and receive images and clear flashes of insight to bring you clear readings. I also use cards as well as numerology and astrology to bring you insight if required.

You may feel you need direction and guidance in an area such as love, or in career and finance. I read on everything and am especially good at helping those who are in a hard place. So, if you are feeling lonely and down, tearful, rejected, broken-hearted,or are having problems, I would love to help you with my special and sympathetic psychic readings. My goal is to guide every single client to a successful place in life, so they can happily realise their goals and dreams.

If you are in a hard place, now it's time to stop the pain and the suffering. You’re no longer alone. My intuitive senses, my trusted cards, numerology and astrological charts will cast away the negatives that held your life back, so you can achieve happiness and progress. The future holds new exciting opportunities, no more time for sorrow and sadness, 

I also give great general readings of past, present and future.Whatever you need please do call me.

Jasmin was fantastic. I felt really down and needed emotional support. She was great at picking up lots of valuable information about me and my poi and able also to give me some great coaching and sound advice. Thankyou XXXX, I will be back to you again soon. Bree
Very nice, sincere reader with good abilities. Elroy
As a businesswoman I was drawn to Jasmin when I had an important decision to make. Jasmin laid everything out in a very down to earth and logical manner, leading to an obvious solution on what I needed to do next, which I somehow found myself during our call. A really expert spiritual guide who helps you when you need it. Bobbie
Ange S
I had a bet with a mate to call a psychic and we picked Jasmin out. I said I didn’t have a specific question to see what they would have to say. My God! I never expected hearing what I heard! Accurate, specific detail, able to pick up the most important and troublesome aspects of my life, as well as give sound advice as to how I could move forward. I can only recommend you give Jasmin a try, and be blown away like I was! Ange S.

Jasmin is awesome and on point!

Amazing ! Waiting for predictions to come true :)

Great reading. Jasmin does the reading accurately and gives excellent advice. She has a great sense of humour and has a lovely personality. Love all her readings. Would not hesitate to recommend her to do anyone's reading. Bless, Andrea.

I have enjoyed my readings with Jasmin. She is a kind, friendly, and caring individual who is compassionate about helping her clients seek answers to difficult situations. Jasmin has guided me on many issues during the readings and also gives words of encouragement to help me take the actions needed to accomplish the tasks at hand. She is wonderful about creating an emotionally positive feeling during the readings even when matters seem sad and overwhelming. She explains situations in detail and offers guidance, which I am grateful for!