Experience & Qualifications

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Experience & Qualifications:

Compassionate, Gifted Psychic.

Compassion, love, and generosity are the core of my message.
I was born into a psychic family; my great-grandmother introduced me and initiated me into psychic practices from an early age.
My encounter with the world of the divinatory arts has given me an extra dimension, as well as a completely different vision of life.

Life often offers us multiple paths where it's all about choice...
We are often faced with choices that we often find difficult to make. Often, there is a good reason are faced with these choices. Understanding why and knowing what the right choice for you can give you the answers you seek and a feeling of empowerment and inner peace.

Let me be the messenger to your soul, let me help you find yourself and give you the guidance you need today. I will always answer you with my heart.

 Honest reading. Good psychic. Able to give time frames. George
Deva gives amazing card readings. Able to read the cards like no other Tarot reader I have ever come across, and I have come across a lot. Give Deva a go, you won’t be disappointed. Kate
I love the way that Deva listens and just has this lovely energy. When she speaks she is on point. I always feel better after talking with her. Life was really quite hard for me following a separation and I can only say thankyou Deva, for having supported and guided me through tough times. I am now the new me, new partner, new home and new life! Karen F
Thankyou so much Deva, you told me what I needed to hear about R today! I was wondering why he had been so distant and now I know why! L&L Maria