Experience & Qualifications

Expert Professional Psychic, Eastern and Western Traditions
Experience & Qualifications:

Hello, my name is Lilly. Welcome to my profile. If you were drawn to me today, it is for a good reason. I know that coincidences do not exist. Since a child I have been initiated into the secrets of the esoteric and psychic worlds. I have travelled and studied the psychic arts among many cultures.

Today, I am proud and honoured to find my place as one of the most highly rated Psychics. I have clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient senses and when I connect with you, I feel and see into your situation and receive important flashes of vision.

Through your energy I am also able to connect with those people you are close to and give you insight. I do not waste time, I believe I am here to tell you what you need to know today, to break open closed situations, to surge you forwards and release you from any restraints.

Call me today for genuine, powerful psychic insight. Take a breath, pick up your phone and get ready to be amazed!

Mind-blowing ability and gives real readings
Lilly is really truthful and passionate about what she does. I have spoken to her several times now and she has become my “go-to” psychic. Always spot on, ready to show you the way , give you answers and be clear, concise and honest. 5 stars from me! Geraldine F
I could hardly believe my ears when Lilly started talking about my family, she was spot on with the problems I am facing and how I am feeling. Her coaching session really helped me out. She is a great empath and clairvoyant quite extraordinary compared to others. Juliet
I am always cautious when it comes to psychics, and I like validations before I get to the nitty gritty so I know the information I am getting is true and correct. Well, Lilly passed all my tests and gave me more than the validations I was looking for, then went on to give an utterly brilliant reading. Lovely to talk to. Gary
I didn’t believe this reader during my first reading, but then, what she told me came true! So, I just had a second reading to see what else she can tell me, with equally amazing insight. This reader puts you at ease within seconds and then has a nice calming, yet somehow powerful voice and a real ability to look into your situation and understand the feelings going on with you at the moment, without you saying a thing! I’ll be back again soon, Suzy.
Thankyou! My relationship is just as good as it was on the first day! An intense consultation where you were able to put me at ease right away. I am discovering the man I fell in love with once again and since we both acted on your advice, we have both been so much happier. Another 1000 thank yous for your kindness and your professionalism.