Experience & Qualifications

Astrologist, Tarot Expert, Numerologist, Clairvoyant
Experience & Qualifications:

If you have had psychic readings before and been disappointed, then I have some good news for you! I am a truly practiced and accomplished professional psychic. I use my natural psychic gifts of clairvoyance in combination with the Tarot as you wish. Astrology and Numerology can also help me look at underlying issues and at specific dates for the outcomes of situations that you may wish me to look into. Using these, I also understand quite clearly if something is meant to be, or not.

I would say that above all, my strongest ability is to look into love situations where there is a distance or a problem of some kind. I am non-judgmental and over the years, I have read for people of every kind, from all over the world. So, however complex you think your problem is, let me assure you that it can be unraveled and that you can receive clear answers.

My aim is to give you clarity, honest insight and a real vision of the outcome to your situation and your next steps, using my pure psychic vision. Call me today, I look forward to connecting with you.

I was very lucky that I picked XXXX by chance, perhaps spirit were guiding me! It was just like talking with a best friend, who only has your genuine interests at heart! Thankyou Nikhita, you are one in a million x Julie
A caring and informative reader who hits the nail on the head every time. Left me gobsmacked on quite a few occasions, especially with timings!
This psychic is excellent using combinations of cards and astrology and numerology and can tell you what you need to know without any messing about. It’s a direct hit every time for me. Call them if you have questions on your mind and you will get them answered. Gayle
This reader asked me some questions at the beginning and asked me to pick some numbers I thought oh no where is this going, but it turns out that there was a valid reason for everything and they were right about me, about my poi and one family member who I have lots of problems with that got sorted just like they said they would. If all readers were like this one no one would ever have any complaints debbie
I’ve been suffering since the whole Covid thing and of being lonely. I have tried on line dating and was getting desperate having met a series of no-hopers and unsuitable suitors! Nikhita told me exactly WHY that happened and HOW it happened and WHAT I NEEDED TO DO to change that. With Nikhita’s guidance I have changed what I do (my free will of course) and have now met a lovely soul mate and am in the 3rd month of my relationship. I still have work to do on myself and my confidence and Nikhita is now helping me with that. All I can say is that Nikhita is completely fantastic. A go to reader who is completely trustworthy. Bless you. Kiara
Nikhita was amazing. He knew right away certain things about my marriage, he was spot on. Also, he mentioned he had a vision of me signing a contract and having a good income in a career I enjoy, I was turning my resume into for a job that same day in hopes of those outcomes. I do appreciate his ability and sharing with me what he could feel from another situation in my life, that confirmed what I had been feeling. Thank you Nikhita. I look forward to my next reading. Hellen xx