Experience & Qualifications

Expert psychic, clairvoyant, astrologer
Experience & Qualifications:

Bringing you hope, light and Clarity

Hi, my name is Eduardo. I love helping people and it would be a privilege for me to make a difference in your life.

I reveal your future by unravelling your current position and looking at how and when you can move into the future positively.

I know about the law of attraction and how to attract abundance. Using my psychic gifts, astrology, cards, the pendulum and other tools of your choice, I guide you in the areas you need.advice and help.

I am a kind, considerate and non-judgemental person, who is used to hearing all kinds of problems. I am fast and accurate on giving advice. I am also a specialist on broken love and marital issues, with a good understanding and experience of every kind of relationship problem. Will your ex come back? Do they really love you? Have you met your soul mate or twin flame? You may ask me these and many other questions.

I look forward to giving you my expert advice and leading you to the light.

I have been having such a hard time in a tricky relationship with a difficult person and can only say I am so grateful to Eduardo for his continued excellent readings and ability to calm me down and talk sense to me and also tell me what my options are and what will happen in the future between me and Harry. Lots of love and speak soon Delia xxxxx
Cara L.
Eduardo is phenomenal! Eduardo gives out real predictions, not phony ones. This is a psychic who can validate. The first time I only gave my first name and birthdate and then sat back and listened. The days that followed were like a dream unfolding with events happening as described. I can highly recommend XXXX for having genuine clairvoyant abilities. Cara L.
I thought that Edourado was going off at a tangent to begin with, but it turns out that there was a VERY valid reason that he did so, because he was able to show me how everything was linked! In doing this I realised how I was causing some of my own problems and that in fact I had choices and by doing things differently I could change what I needed in my life. Simply amazing!!! Thankyou Edouardo you have helped me so much, I can never be grateful enough. With love and thanks Debbie xx
I was feeling really down with my life and pretty isolated after my husband had an affair and left me. Financially, I found it really hard to cope, sleepless nights, deep sadness, I felt like my life was over. Then I decided to call Edouardo, simply by browsing the psychics on the site. I do like a card reading as well as someone who is an empath and can pick up on feelings, so I simply picked the psychic randomly who I felt best fitted my needs. What a life-changing moment it was when I connected with Edouardo!! I am now the new me having had regular consultations; happy, motivated, comfortable, and as for my ex husband- good riddance to bad rubbish! Thankyou Edouardo with all my heart! Love from Davra
The psychic I wanted wasn’t available so I picked Eduardo instead. Well, a little someone up there must have been watching over me, as speaking with Eduardo was exactly the right choice and the right person. Eduardo is gifted in an out of the ordinary way and was able to tell me all about my love situation with my POI in such great detail I was blown away. From that I was able to look at my options and then I had, like, a eureka moment!! A stunning experience which I can only recommend to all. Kate
Eduardo had been my coach for quite some time now and I trust him in all his advice because of a spot on description of some events and feelings that is currently surrounding ME, I feel really comfortable with him as his energies are positive and his honesty is definitely needed to give you realistic approach! He is worth the rate!....He is the best - always honest and to the point!