Experience & Qualifications

Accurate readings, Present Healing and Future Progress
Experience & Qualifications:

Analysing your Present, to get you to a positive Future

Hi, my name is Gemma.  I love helping people and it would be a privilege for me to make a difference in your life.

In my readings with you, I first look at your current position, as it is from here that you need to heal and move forwards in the most positive direction. If needs be, we will revisit the past and take from it only what you need to progress quickly and successfully. To do this, I may use cards and my natural intuition. I am able to "see situations" and tune into the energy of those around you to see where they are at too.

In case of doubt and confusion, feeling alone and betrayed, and looking for solutions, it will be my honor to alleviate the pain and uncertainty within you and lead you onto the right path.

If you require it, I may also use Numerology and Astrology, I’ll be able to decipher your inner desires and decode your personality traits and look at the issues with any of those close to you.

 I’ll be able to unveil your future clearly and surely. For any of love and relationships, money and career, have a psychic reading with me and you will have the choice to change your life how you want it. Call now!

She is amazing! Always there for me. Gemma is the best. I really didn't believe till we spoke. Love Gemma..... Simply the best


I think Gemma is awesome she is really good at her work and I believe in my heart every thing she said is true and when she tells you that she is going to call you she does ...... I love her beautiful heart...thank you gemma for everything


I would like to say thank you.You are a blessing. To all of us. For the reading and tarot cards. Thank agains. I really enjoy it. From Michelle


I was very pleased and amazed by her accuracy! I will definitely use her professional service in the near future!