Ella - Gifted 6th Generation Psychic, Tarot, Intuitive

My intuition allows me to clearly see your position

This is Ella, pleased to meet you. I come from a family of psychics who have been reading and healing people for many generations. As a child I used to see energies and was able to predict events that later came to pass.

As I developed, my mother taught me the art of the cards. I spent many years practising, studying until it seemed the cards spoke to me every time and the people I read for told me my predictions were correct. I then went on to broaden my psychic knowledge and learned various arts. I have always had an inquisitive nature and want to know the roots and foundations of how things come about, to prove to myself that my readings are real.

My spiritual journey has therefore been a long and interesting one and I use all the knowledge I have acquired in a reading with you. My fortes are reading on business and finance and house moves, and of course complex love relationships, as don't we all have those? 

I am honest, sympthetic, a good shoulder to cry on as well as giving practical and straight-forward readings. I will always find you light where you need it and show you the easy way to progress and getting what yo wish in life.

For my special readings that will make you feel positive and optimistic, give me a call today.