Meredith - Clairsentient, Empath, Gifted Psychic, Cards

I use my Clairsentient senses to feel your emotions, and Cards to confirm

Hello I’m Meredith your naturally gifted clairsentient psychic and empath. When I tune into you via your voice vibration, I start picking up on your current feelings and emotions using my clairsentient senses. I then start getting visions forming and these visions can take me into the future. My guides show me what the outcome of your decisions will be.

I  here to assist you with your professional and emotional matters.Even the most difficult situations are my pleasure to read on and my object is always to find you solutions. 

 Balancing life is a difficult task but don’t feel like you can’t have both love and a life of your own. If you find yourself facing hard times, major career or lifepath decisions, or have problems in your relationships, contact me today. 

Together we will get you on the right path. You too deserve happiness! xx


Mary Madison is a great advisor. She listens tells you what she sees and predicts with amazing accuracy.


She is the bestttttttttttt. I can never call another psychic. I love her. Mennnn u shud try her


I think is great. I really wanna talk to mary she knows a lot of things about me