Becky - Future Progress, Astrology, Numerology, Compatibility expert

Guiding you to a brighter future!

Hi! I’m Becky- your psychic for all your needs. I can sense your current situation. If you have any distress and sorrow, but I can also see undoubted  progress in your future. To give you my positive readings, I start looking beriefly at your past.  This can point me to any blockages in your present situation. I then look into the future using cards and my intuitive psychic abilities.

 I’m here to help you set up a new future! Be prepared for a quick journey toward happiness  with me guiding you there!


Brianna is awesome and has been dead on about everything we discuss.


She is so straightforward and quick with her answers. She's so sweet and lovely, love her xoxox


She is awesome something she told me and I thought was a complete grade turned out true I thought I had no one to help me she told me she saw 3 people willing to help me and she is absolutely correct I can't wait to have another reading with her again