The First Dating Sites for Unvaccinated People

The ins and outs of dating sites for antivaxxers!

Covid-19 is THE topic of daily news. To join in, your dear magazine takes you to the crossroads of two themes of great interest to us, dear readers: those of dating and Covid-19!
To be vaccinated to access places of leisure, bars and restaurants? Many countries have a vaccination or health pass. In order to overcome the ban on meeting places for non-vaccinated people, dating sites have now got on board! But not just any old dating apps! Dating sites for antivaxxers. One launched by a Swiss association “Generation Freiheit” (Impffrei:Love) and the other by two Hawaiians (Unjected). A godsend for antivax singles!

Impffrei:Love, a dating site for “conscious” antivaxxers
“Impffrei:Love” or “Love without a vaccine” allows you to “match” with your future date, lover or friend. However, the main condition is not to be vaccinated. What this platform clearly highlights within its homepage: “For all people who are not vaccinated and aware, who prefer to hold hands… rather than social distance. For friendship, encounters and love. For all ages, single or engaged.
This application was created by the association "Generation Freiheit," with very little information to be found. So, we decided to go investigating, in order to see behind the scenes.

Open up your ears, single ladies!
After registering, you become a "passive member" of the association. This advocates, for example, the "active co-creation of a more conscious and more human world" or even the "holistic health of humans and animals, as well as soil fertility (humus accumulation) and the reconnection with nature, accompanied by projects aimed at establishing a sustainable way of life”.
First, a small definition of the term "more conscious" according to this association: "Those who understand life itself, the connection with others, nature and the world around them, from the creatures of the earth to all the flora and wildlife, as well as the planet and the entire universe, as a connected and holistic whole”. So, a conscious being is characterized as being an individual who UNDERSTANDS LIFE! Interesting… Tell us that we already understand it and that we are still continuing scientific research, for nothing! But wait, let's stop and communicate with the "conscious" people!
After this little passage tinged with irony (badly hidden), we set out to find the relationship between "holistic health of humans and animals, as well as soil fertility (humus accumulation) and reconnection with nature, accompanied by projects aimed at establishing a sustainable way of life" and the association. But above all, how could they respond to this problem and with which sustainable projects?
One of their partners is called "MineralienWende", an association whose aim is to "remedy and prevent deficiencies in our soil, our plants, our animals and us humans, thanks to a targeted supply of minerals and trace elements”. A targeted contribution? Yes, it is a dietary supplement! So, a short-term solution, which doesn’t seem to play any role on the remediation of soil? And, therefore how does that help establish a sustainable lifestyle? Another crazy thing is the banner that appears when you click on the "Participate" tab is none other than an image of a Cannabis seedling, described as a "corn seed". Nice! I may change my plans and participate in this mineral turnaround project after all! *Ironical laughter*). 

Unjected, a hot blooded antivax dating site
“Unjected”, is also a new application, a social network and dating site for antivaxxers. However, it has been removed from the App Store due to misinformation but remains available on the Play Store. This application defines itself as a community and a movement “for the health of people who support the freedom of medical choice”. In addition, this platform pleads for "the creation of the first mRNA-free blood bank in the world," which, overall, would be extremely easy, due to the low persistence of mRNAs in our cells and therefore in our blood. In fact, after injection of the mRNA, it is read by our cellular machinery and then destroyed.

Dating sites in favor of the vaccinated?
Warning! Does this article appear to be in favor of the vaccinated to you? It’s not the case! This article aims to reveal the inside of these dating sites for antivaxxers, while testifying to the division between the vaccinated and non-vaccinated population.
FYI, Tinder had developed a new option: badges to put on your profile picture indicating that you are vaccinated. Those were removed some time ago...
So, we have the right to ask ourselves who were the first to launch this offensive? And therefore, this segregation between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated with dating platforms?
Short sentence at the end: it is therefore a “VIP” vaccine, which is no longer just confined to our health records!